Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It was a good day!

The appliances were delivered today. Finally I can cook real food!

All that's left is finishing the crown moldings, installing the cabinet above the fridge and putting everything where it belongs and of course clean up then I'll have the completed pics put up. Light at the end of the tunnel!


Blogger .. Dallas Meow >^^ said...

i envy that fridge
for one --- there are sodas left....
no wrestlers that visit again and again to lift in the garage and then peruse the fridge for a 'tiny' snack.... my freezer has 1/4 inch of space left otherwise i'd be empty in three days ....
and no addicted to ranch and pickles teen girls - gallon drums of each in mine behind the 343 jars of various HOT SAUCES that no one would touch before we lived here.
tomorrow I'm on the tomato and spinach diet.... there might even be a bit of cottage cheese they didn't find behind the organic peanut butter no one will touch...
the place looks FABULOUS
you are AMAZING

8:32 PM  

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