Saturday, January 20, 2007's demo time.

Here's a better pic of the tiles and here's some of the demo pics where JohnnyB made room for a full size stove. Tonight I'm painting and starting to remove the old tiles. God I hate painting!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Ok, I made a decision

I found yet another tile at Lowe's and the price is perfect, it matches my paint colors perfectly and the best part is I won't have to pre-order it or make many cuts. Here's a pic or two. this is it, I'm tired of looking and sweating over it. I'll post the before, during and after pics.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Kitchen Tile Dilemma

I'm re-tiling this kitchen and I need some feedback. I'm trying to stay neutral and appeal to the masses and I need your opinion. My paint color will be a soft, warm cocoa color with white crown moldings. The cabinets are a natural maple. The floor is a muted terra cotta tile, 12x12 paver. The ceiling is wood like a floor. Here are some tiles I took pics of at various locations. What do you think?
Keep in mind the pics colors may not be exact because they were taken with my cell phone.

#1 is a 12x12 Travertine. the color looks better in person.

#2 are 2 sets of Travertine stone with accents that you can mix or match for contrast.

#3 is a Travertine knock off in a 6x6 that you can use one color or several to add texture.
#4 is a natural stone with mosaic accents, these are actually 4 different mosaic color choices.

#5 is a knock off stone with mosaic from home depot.

#6 This is a man made stone from Casa De Ceramica.

#7 is a Travertine set with accent. The drawback is the tiles are 3x3 so it's more labor intensive.

This is a cheap ceramic porcelain from Home Depot. If I went with this, I'd change my paint color to an off white.

Any thoughts?

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